Wine making

To obtain our wines, we carry out a rigorous control of the entire process.

We carry out a ripening control of the entire vineyard to determine the optimal time for the harvest; all the grapes that arrive at the winery are analyzed and reviewed by the technicians carrying out an exhaustive quality control and a serious enological research work which, combined with the use of the highest technologies combined with tradition, allows us to obtain wines of high quality and its own identity that satisfy the most demanding palates.

Our wines

Wine without geographical indication

(black, rosé and white) Young, fresh wine, with an alcoholic content of 11-12% Vol.

Tarragona Designation of Origin wine

(white, rosé and red) Young, fresh wine, with an alcohol content of 10 to 12% Vol.

Wine with Denomination of Origin Catalonia

(white, rosé and red) Young, fresh wine, with an alcohol content of 10 to 12% Vol.

Liqueur wines and mistles

Moscatel liqueur wine

Sweet dessert wine of the Moscatel variety, very sweet. With an alcoholic content of 15% Vol.

Liqueur wine with Designation of Origin Tarragona

Sweet dessert wine, very smooth. With an alcoholic content of 15% Vol.


Black and white mistels with an alcoholic strength of 15% Vol.

Concentrated Must

To make wine or grape juice. Of any concentration.


We can offer them wines protected by the designation of origin Tarragona, designation of origin Catalonia or wines without designation of origin.

You can find information about the appellations of origin in the area at the following links:

Our specialties

15 bottles per shipment
25 bottles per shipment
50 bottles per shipment


Get to know firsthand the entire range of wines, liqueur wines and mistles that Dalmau Hnos. produces

We produce wines in accordance with the needs and specifications of our customers in both the national and international markets.