Our story

Wines since 1830

The company Dalmau Hnos. Y Co. juice SA has been selling wines and liqueur wines since 1830, both in the national market and exporting to different countries.

Dalmau Hnos. is a wine company of bottled wines located in Tarragona.

The wine tradition from Camp de Tarragona

Quality wines with designation of origin


In 1980, Dalmau moved from the city center to the outskirts, to a larger winery, with more modern facilities and very well connected and located near the port.


It has machinery to carry out controlled fermentation, storage, filtration, refrigeration and pasteurization in accordance with current oenological practices.


Most of the production comes from purchases of must to be fermented, but Dalmau also has vineyards in Camp de Tarragona.

We make high quality wines and liqueur wines through years of tradition and the latest technologies

The tradition of the harvest

The harvest is more than a simple harvest of grapes; it is a celebration, an expression of the Catalan spirit that has lasted generation after generation.